Laboratorio y Drogueria San Jorge

The Laboratorio y Droguería San Jorge (Saint George’s Laboratory and Pharmacy) is a traditional compound pharmacy located in Cali, Colombia. Since 1956, Laboratorio y Droguería San Jorge has been harnessing the power of the environment to manufacture natural pharmaceutical products that are recognized as effective, pure, and safe by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). Now, the recently formed Laboratorio Droguería San Jorge is manufacturing and distributing the company’s traditional formulas that gave recognition to the now famous Droguería San Jorge in its region of operation. Naturistika is consistently impressed by this wonderful company commitment to their social impact and product quality. Naturistika currently distributes two mayor brands for Laboratorio San Jorge: Almipro and Pili Natural.

Naturista helps Laboratorio San Jorge with distribution of two mayor brands Almipro and Pili Natural.



Almipro is designed for care and treatment of delicate skin backed by more than 60 years of pharmaceutical tradition. Almipro line includes products for baby skin care, dry skin and non-detergent soaps.  

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Pili Natural

Pili Natural brand offers Facial, Skin, and Hair Products with Natural Ingredients from Colombia. Pili maintains high quality standards due to our strict ingredient selection process. 

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