ETNIKER Hair Tonic


  • Our GROW LONG HAIR TONIC’s non-greasy formula is enriched with low molecular weight PROTEINS, including keratin micro-proteins, which help improve hair strength.
  • Our formula helps REDUCE BREAKAGE caused over time from repetitive stress or tension on the hair follicle due to detangling, combing, and other external aggressors.
  • ETNIKER’s GROW LONG HAIR TONIC can be used when TRANSITIONING TO NATURAL HAIR, and works equally well on fragile, slow-growing, and brittle hair.
  • Our hair tonic also includes Bioex Capilar, an active ingredient which helps stimulate hair growth and strengthens the hair follicle.
  • How to use: Spritz GROW LONG HAIR TONIC directly to scalp twice a day and massage for better absorption.

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