ETNIKER Hydroelixir


  • ETNIKER’s HYDROELIXIR is a fast-absorbing HAIR OIL which can be used on wet or dry hair for added moisture and shine. It is free from harmful ingredients that dry out the hair such as sulfates, mineral oil, salt, and parabens.
  • Enriched with a variety of high-quality NATURAL OILS such as COCONUT, SHEA BUTTER, OLIVE, MACADAMIA, and MONOI OIL, which help moisturize, protect, and repair afro-textured hair.
  • Formulated with a unique blend of 13 NATURAL OILS, HYDROELIXIR deeply nourishes dry, porous, damaged, and limp strands, helping to restore a natural shine and bounce to each curl.
  • Helps fight frizz, and leaves hair feeling healthy and hydrated, without any greasy residue.
  • Provides hair with protection against harmful UV rays and sun damage. This versatile and multi-tasking product can be applied onto wet or dry hair and can be used in different ways: as a PRE-SHAMPOO treatment, an OVERNIGHT hair mask, a CONDITIONER… the choice is yours!
  • How to use: First wash hair with ETNIKER’s NOURISHING SHAMPOO, followed by ETNIKER’s DEEP CONDITIONING MASK. Then, remove excess water and apply 3-5 drops of HYDROELIXIR to the palm of your hand. Warm up product between hands and evenly distribute throughout the hair starting at the ends and moving onto highly porous sections that are subjected to greater wear and tear. DO NOT RINSE.
  • Important note: After applying HYDROELIXIR to hair, do not use flat iron, curling iron, or any other heat styling tool, as this may cause damage to the hair shaft.

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