• Hydrating hair treatments: the MI TIERRA collection was designed with you in mind. Formulated with a unique blend of nutrient-dense ancestral ingredients from Colombia, our hair treatments deeply MOISTURIZE, NOURISH, DETANGLE, and PROTECT your crown.
    • Moisture-boosting natural ingredients: our CARIBE Hair Treatment is formulated with a unique blend of natural ingredients such as the PARADISE NUT, a woody fruit that grows on the banks of Colombia’s Magdalena River and contains large seeds known for their unique moisturizing properties.
    • Deep hydration and repair: our formula also includes other nutrient-rich ancestral ingredients such as TAMARIND, a tropical fruit bursting with antioxidants and anti- ageing properties which help provide elasticity to the hair. COCONUT and AVOCADO, which are easily absorbed by the hair, helping to lock in moisture and deeply nourish strands. And finally, FLAXSEED, an ingredient rich in protein and nutrients which help nourish and repair damaged hair from the inside out.
    • 4-in-1: CARIBE Hair Treatment works as a deep treatment hair mask, a styling cream, a conditioner, as well as a UV protectant.
    • How to use: Apply on clean wet curls. If using as a TREATMENT, gently massage product into hair, let sit for 5-10 minutes, then rinse. When using as a CONDITIONER, apply to cleansed hair, gently massage into roots, then rinse. If using as a STYLING CREAM, apply liberally to hair in sections, then define curls into desired shape. DO NOT RINSE. This product protects your curls from harmful UV RAYS.

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